Casino players and gamblers have many different beliefs about what can give them the best chance of winning, or of winning a substantial amount. One of the most common beliefs of this kind is that there is an optimum day or time of day to visit the casino if you want to win more frequently or win a larger sum. However, when exactly this day or time is seems to vary depending on who you ask.

Superstition or fact?

Gamblers who hold this belief will tell you that it’s not a superstition but is based on sound facts. It’s not that they believe that certain times or days are lucky (though some players might believe in a personal ‘lucky day’ or ‘lucky hour’), but that they’ve heard that casinos change their payout rates or amounts at different times of the week.

Bigger payouts

 The most common version of this theory holds that between 6pm and 10pm on Friday night is the best time to visit the casino. This is the beginning of the weekend and is when casinos start to get busy. The theory is that slot machines pay out more in this time to encourage people to play more and spend more money. During daytime hours in the week, they pay less because there are fewerpeople playing, and after 10pm, people start to drift away.

For similar reasons, some players will say that the best payouts are over the weekend when the casinos are busiest. However, others say that it doesn’t make sense for casinos to pay out the most when the most people are playing. They say that the increased payouts happen at the quietest time – i.e., Monday daytime – as that’s when they need to draw in more people.

A grain of truth

Unfortunately, all these theories are nonsense. Not only would it be too technically difficult for casinos to change their payouts according to the time of day, but it would also be illegal, as they have to keep to the same publicly available Return to Player (RTP) rate.

Nevertheless, there are times when visiting the casino might be more profitable, or at least more enjoyable. Choosing quiet times means less distraction, less stress and less chance of making common casino mistakes. Alternatively, you could play at an NJ online casino anytime of the day or night from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Gambler’s fallacy

The idea that there is a favored time for casino gaming falls under the category of a gambler’s fallacy. Gamblers have many such superstitions, as these go hand in hand with any activity that has a large element of chance. They often believe that certain actions can exert a degree of control over chance or, in common language, bring good luck. This is magical thinking and has no scientific basis whatsoever.

The classic gambler’s fallacy is a misunderstanding of how probability works. This is the idea that if a number hasn’t come up for a while, or a machine hasn’t paid out for a while, it’s somehow ‘due’.In fact, every event is separate from every other event preceding or following it, so the odds are always the same on each spin or roll of the dice.